We help projects
Buy Big
Batteries Better

Invest in strategic sourcing and identify
supply chain risks and early opportunities
so you can avoid the consequences and
exploit the advantages.

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Source Strategically

Projects that source strategically get better results. Strategic sourcing is the process of strategically planning the procurement and quality assurance during a project. Investment in strategic sourcing identifies risks and opportunities early in a project, which enables the project to control the risks and exploit the opportunities.

With constant evolutionary change in energy storage technologies and global supply chains, successful projects will need strategic sourcing.

Decades of experience

BatNav’s team have decades of experience on megaprojects. By front end loading the procurement of high value systems, BatNav’s team have delivered hundreds of millions of dollars of savings for projects across the world. This experience enables BatNav to help you select, specify and source the right battery for your project, and get the right price. We combine this experience and know-how and offer them to you so you can Buy Big Batteries Better.
Dave West
Dave WestRPEQ CPEng PhD, CEO of BatNav
Rick Howard
Rick HowardPhD qualified expert in Li-ion battery materials with decades of hands-on manufacturing and QA experience.
Ulrich Von Sacken
Ulrich Von SackenPhD qualified expert in Li-ion battery design and manufacturing with leading North America companies.

Our solutions

Supply Market Analysis

Analyse commercial and technical performance of suppliers and provide actionable short and medium term strategic insights

Supplier Pre-Qualification

Survey suppliers for ability and interest to supply the project, and compliance with project requirements

Tender Documentation Preparation

Commercial terms and conditions and technical requirements including specifications and datasheets for ESS, PCE, switchboard & ITP

Tender Evaluation & Report (Technical)

Review and evaluation of tenders for commercial & technical compliance

Supplier Safety & Quality Analysis & Inspection

Review and report by experts for safety, quality and performance; onsite inspection and quality assurance of suppliers

BatNav helps you select, specify and
source the right battery
for your project