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Feasibility Study Preview

Feasibility Study

A detailed analysis and professional report that assesses the financial costs and benefits of energy storage for your business. Get a clear picture on the $ per kWh and the CO2-e reductions for different batteries including Li-ion, flow, sodium-sulfur, capacitors and flywheels.
Design Package Preview

Design Package

A package of engineering deliverables for your NSP connection enquiry, shortlist suppliers, obtain budget pricing, and assess risk in compliance with AS5139. The package includes a functional specification, single line diagrams, general arrangement drawings, bill of materials, and risk assessment and guideline.
Procurement Package Preview

Procurement Package

A package of engineering deliverables to request a tender from suppliers. The package includes specifications and datasheets for each system (batteries, power conversion equipment & switchboard) and bid evaluation guide.
Managed Procurement

Managed Procurement Package

A service performed by BatNav to manage the tender preparation and evaluation process. BatNav will prepare, issue, receive and evaluate tenders, and provide you a recommendation to award.

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We all want faster and better service but we also need to trust our service providers and know they will be there when we need them.
BatNav does both. By partnering with trusted experts, we deliver the faster and better services you want, with the trust and support you need. It's innovative, and that's what you need to make progress.
Our partnership with Engenuity Solutions provides customers with trust in professional engineers, and our platform gives you the speed and quality you expect.
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Utilizing the right expertise gets you the right battery, which means getting the right solution for your business, however, this is often a time-consuming and expensive process.

Chris Hawley

Managing Director, Engenuity Solutions

We are commited expert partners

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I started BatNav because businesses were telling me that energy storage was expensive, there were too many options, and they lacked the skills and experience to make the decisions themselves. We need renewables. Renewables need storage. So that’s why I created BatNav. Get the right expertise to businesses, so they can evaluate options and make decisions confidently.

Dave West

Dave West

RPEQ CPEng PhD, CEO of BatNav
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Energy storage is a rapidly evolving and key part of the energy solution. Utilizing the right expertise gets you the right battery, which means getting the right solution for your business, however, this is often a time-consuming and expensive process. We are excited to be working with BatNav in developing their latest solution; a new way of delivering engineering services so everyone can get the expertise they need, and the right batteries, at the right price.

Chris Hawley

Chris Hawley

Managing Director, Engenuity Solutions

and we have reliable feedback from professionals

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Procuring high-value equipment is risky. As a consultant, I need to manage those risks for my clients. With the fast pace of the energy transition and the numerous and emerging energy storage technologies, we need companies like BatNav to ensure we all have the information to make informed decisions.

Gabriel Malki

Managing Director, Navitas Consulting
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As a renewables project developer, time is money. Anything I can do to reduce my project timeline, saves money for me and my customers. But as my projects get bigger, there is more red tape. I need a fast and reliable solution so that I can keep growing my business and keep my customers happy.

Brian Haebich

Managing Director, Haebich Instrument & Electrical Services
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