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"I started BatNav because businesses were telling me that energy storage was expensive, there were too many options, and they lacked the skills and experience to make the decisions themselves. We need renewables. Renewables need storage. So thats why I created BatNav. to businesses, so they can evaluate options and make decisions confidently."

Dave West

RPEQ CPEng PhD, CEO of BatNav

"Exciting times ahead for BatNav and the Renewables industry as BatNav democratises the evidence based procurement process for batteries. Why access the opinions of one expert when you can access the opinions of many, enhanced by AI, for a fraction of the cost?"

Ralph Shreeve

Executive Director of Safety Futures

"The smooth integration of distributed energy resources requires storage as an integral component of the energy transition we are now witnessing. Implementing the right batteries with the right characteristics is fundamental to a successful outcome."

Ralph Craven

Chair of Genex Power

"Procuring high-value equipment is risky. As a consultant, I need to manage those risks for my clients. With the fast pace of the energy transition and the numerous and emerging energy storage technologies, we need companies like BatNav to ensure we all have the information to make informed decisions"

Gabriel Malki
Managing Director, Navitas Consulting

"As a renewables project developer, time is money. Anything I can do to reduce my project timeline, saves money for me and my customers. But as my projects get bigger, there is more red tape. I need a fast and reliable solution so that I can keep growing my business and keep my customers happy."

Brian Haebich
Managing Director, Haebich Instrument & Electrical Services

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